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JP-S55156006-A: Method of molding fiber reinforcing cement patent, JP-S551563-A: Fixed volume liquid feeder patent, JP-S55156606-A: Rolling mill provided with variably crowned roll patent, JP-S55156799-A: Safety device for airdropping cargo hung from aircraftttype transportation means* and cargo with such devece patent, JP-S55157536-A: 33methyll55ketooalpha*omegaaalkenedione acid and its manufacture patent, JP-S55157751-A: Carrier for developing electrostatic charge image patent, JP-S55158307-A: Cloth pretreating apparatus of flap for pocket patent, JP-S55158860-A: Continuous casting method of steel slab patent, JP-S5515895-A: Plastic extruding device patent, JP-S55160383-A: Information processor patent, JP-S55160641-A: Hydraulic brake patent, JP-S55161239-A: Yellow coupler patent, JP-S55163337-A: Wearrproof pad * fitting method and device of the same to core member patent, JP-S55163492-A: Nuclear reactor container patent, JP-S55163900-A: Electronic part series and method of automatically supplying same patent, JP-S55164313-A: Water quantity detecting unit patent, JP-S55164331-A: Grading measuring system patent, JP-S55164791-A: Turn controller for fan motor patent, JP-S55165097-A: Horn speaker patent, JP-S5516568-A: Inductance load driver circuit patent, JP-S55166654-A: Electrostatic charge image toner patent, JP-S5517094-A: Supporting and protecting apparatus for assebled body of permanently connecting apparatus patent, JP-S5518080-A: Printed circuit board patent, JP-S5518317-A: Hollow attachment for shaft processing patent, JP-S5518982-A: Inspector of brake system of vehicle patent, JP-S5519302-A: Hydraulic pressure line in hydraulic shovel patent, JP-S5519348-A: Hollow building material patent, JP-S5519520-A: Sign pen patent, JP-S5519614-A: Mat for automobile patent, JP-S5520273-A: Production of high density water crushed slag patent, JP-S552256-A: Lighting device patent, JP-S5523530-A: Display unit of sequence controller patent, JP-S5525140-A: Check system for interface controller function patent, JP-S552541-A: Automatic sheet-like material stacking apparatus patent, JP-S5525521-A: Steam turbine blade patent, JP-S5526079-A: Current collecting system of vehcle patent, JP-S5526488-A: Integrated circuit for digital watch patent, JP-S5526506-A: Bleaching method of color photographic material patent, JP-S5526908-A: Water injection port of washing machine patent, JP-S552705-A: As-cast metal of pearlitic spheroidal graphite cast iron patent, JP-S5527445-A: Pipe type filter press patent, JP-S5527491-A: Continuous working device of thin wall hollow body patent, JP-S5527822-A: Production of silica sol patent, JP-S5528507-A: Magnetic recording tape patent, JP-S5528825-A: Extrusion die for manufacturing multilayer film patent, JP-S5530255-A: Synchronizing-signal bias adjustment circuit patent, JP-S55304-A: Purification of hbs antigen patent, JP-S5530930-A: Resin impregnating apparatus patent, JP-S5530933-A: Manufacture of perforated foamed sheet patent, JP-S5531477-A: Filter attaching mechanism in decantation divider patent, JP-S5531623-A: Gear ratio changer of steering device patent, JP-S553177-A: Method of and device for manufacturing small lamp patent, JP-S5531921-A: Casks patent, JP-S5532384-A: Temperature control circuit patent, JP-S553324-A: Aluminum hydroxide classifying method patent, JP-S5534802-A: Dc brushless motor patent, JP-S5534968-A: Smooth-surface film patent, JP-S5535728-A: Plate feeder patent, JP-S5537220-A: Automatically cramped tool patent, JP-S5537735-A: Ignition plug patent, JP-S5537750-A: Light projector patent, JP-S5537847-A: Digital protecting relay patent, JP-S5538259-A: Soy sauce injecting mechanism for soy sauce vencing machine patent, JP-S5538879-A: Dispersed monoazo dyestuff* its manufacture and dyeing method for synthetic fiber material patent, JP-S5539073-A: Ultrasonic flaw detector for pipe patent, JP-S5539491-A: Impedance circuit network patent, JP-S5541457-A: Lighting optical system of printer device patent, JP-S5541592-A: Input device with edit function patent, JP-S5541683-A: Electric switch patent, JP-S5542543-A: Preparation of soybean milk patent, JP-S5543401-A: Air gun oscillation detecting device patent, JP-S5544317-A: Vibrator patent, JP-S554519-A: Poison tube for nuclear reactor power control patent, JP-S5545803-A: Preliminary opening device for card patent, JP-S5546427-A: Apparatus for manufacturing foamed insulated wire patent, JP-S5546618-A: Phase synchronizing circuit patent, JP-S5547442-A: Preparation of noble metal electrode patent, JP-S5548294-A: Purifying of oil and fat patent, JP-S5548339-A: Controlling of plant growth patent, JP-S5548744-A: Photosensitive elastomer composition patent, JP-S5549001-A: Electronic scanning antenna patent, JP-S5549846-A: Magnet-ring automatic alignment mechanism patent, JP-S555001-A: Generating device patent, JP-S5550271-A: Exposure optical system of electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S5551049-A: Manufacture of e isomer of over 98 * purity of arylalkylketoxime patent, JP-S5551071-A: Diazaanthraquinone derivative patent, JP-S5551782-A: Manufacture of painted roofing tile patent, JP-S5552008-A: Automatic focusing device patent, JP-S5553872-A: Method of flashing bulb patent, JP-S5553957-A: Fcg test system for local tandem switch patent, JP-S5555152-A: Manufacture of appropriately substituted acetonitrile monohalogenated in alphaapoition patent, JP-S5555558-A: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, JP-S5555700-A: Audio equipment patent, JP-S5555705-A: Combined pavement of macadam patent, JP-S5556626-A: Preparation of semiconductor device patent, JP-S5556856-A: Portable fine atomizing instrument patent, JP-S5558266-A: Corrosion-protection of structural material of road and bridge patent, JP-S5558396-A: Copper plated steel plate excelling in lubricity patent, JP-S5558885-A: Ferromagnetic thin film memory unit patent, JP-S5561539-A: Sheet drawing-out apparatus patent, patent, patent, 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